Once Upon A Time In The West Festival

Ladies, Gentleman, Creatures of the Earth, rejoice for we shall be performerating at the marvellous Once Upon A Time in The West Festival along with a host of friends, relations, acquaintances and such. This looks awesome!    

New upload…

One from the vaults, but newly uploaded to Soundcloud. Çerga was brought to us by Russ & Jane from their duo Facing The Ocean, and came to them from Hassan Erraji.

Welcome to Soundcloud!

As a special treat for visitors to our new website, we’ve got a remix of Longa Farahfaza for you, done in the ever popular electro style. Enjoy responsibly.

New Website !

By long-standing tradition the first post on any new website is, of course, a welcome to that new website. Here it is, and you’re very welcome to it. We’ve updated the look, whilst retaining what we liked from the old world. Heck, we’ve even got some videos up, a Soundcloud page, and links to our […]